It has always been our intention (both in conceiving Aurobora and as a cornerstone of our artist residencies) to promote the creative process by allowing experimentation to offer discovery and through discovery, regeneration.  As Aurobora embarks on its third decade , we return to our own founding philosophy with our artist residencies, workshop sessions and new gallery projects.

Our location finds Aurobora in the heart of Idaho’s Wood River Valley with a gallery venue in Sun Valley/Ketchum (and a turn-of-century barn that serves as an artist studio in nearby Bellevue).   Our hope is to provide a forum which will allow for an “everyday” opportunity where individuals can interact with contemporary art in a familiar environment, where ideas can take root, thrive, and ultimately reconfigure expectations because, simply put, there is no learning if thought originates from conclusions.


Artist Projects –2018:

Clem Crosby