Stas Orlovski

Stas Orlovski

Romantic imagery of the decayed garden – broken statuary, overgrown vegetation among decaying flowers, moths and song birds – form the visual literature of Stas Orlovski.  The artist pries at the question of why we are attracted to images that evoke memory, loss, and nostalgia in these works that combine printing, handwork and collage.

Undeterred by sentimentality, Orlovski orients his compositions under faded night skies and oversized moons.  Here the artist embraces rather then skirts nostalgia:  mid-century Russian children’s storybooks, Indian miniatures, 19th-century Japanese woodcuts, and Victorian botanical drawings.  The results are a suite of hand-worked monotypes that suggest a place familiar and innocent, a place dreamed about and remembered.


August 2005


Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco; Houston Museum of Fine Arts; Phoenix Art Museum; Davis Art Museum, Wellesley College; American Embassy- Brussels, Belgium; Progressive Corporation; West Collection; SEI Corporation; Fancis J. Greenburger Collection ; Samella Lewis Collection of Contemporary Art, Scripps College; Art Omi Collection; Jackson Laboratories;  Vincent Price Art Museum; University of Southern California; Northern Illinois University Art Museum; METRO (Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority)