Aurobora is an invitational fine art studio that publishes unique works by artists of regional, national and international reputations and exhibits regularly changing shows of works created by artists during residencies.

At the outset (1993-2010), Aurobora Press was dedicated exclusively to the monotype medium.  Over the years, invited artists used the intaglio press as one of many tools to create new works on paper.  Inevitably, the monotype process became a springboard for each artist in their creative exploration.

With various ink-to-plate applications and the spontaneity of mark-making that this mode of printmaking affords, artists embraced experimentation.  Artists freely embellished their works employing handwork elements and various techniques in the process of creating compositions. Each artist that worked at Aurobora Press was freed from traditional studio restrictions and left unfettered from the tyranny of pulling identical imagery (as they would be conceiving a limited print edition).

It is this spirit that we continue to foster with artists that arrive at our studio to pursue a project.  Often artists arrive with few preconceptions as to the limitations of working here at Aurobora.  Artists are encouraged to consider various mediums, techniques, systems, and processes.  The resulting works often yield new trajectories and approaches which are subsequently integrated into an individual artist’s oeuvre.

In short, we subscribe to the belief that without experimentation there is no discovery; and without discovery, there is no re-generation.  It is this that allows us to publish work that consistently explores artistic boundaries.