Russell Crotty

Russell Crotty

Russell Crotty arrived at Aurobora to begin a new trajectory in his work.  Noted for his drawn globes and astronomical depictions of the sky that the artist first began in 1999, Crotty migrated towards imagery directly associated with field guide studies of boulders and open panoramic vistas.

Field guide descriptions – buckets, cavities, friction-grip—find there way scrawled in the artist’s hand into his large composition, reminding the viewer of the esoteric nomenclature used by scramblers and climbers.  In addition to the boulder images from his field guide suite, Crotty created works depicting panoramic, landscape vistas that emerge in long, narrow bands from the lower portion of the paper.  Within some of these panoramas, Crotty scratches out text (similar to text in his earlier globe drawings) which embellishes the compositions and ties them contextually to his other work.

During his return visit to Aurobora in 2008, Crotty focused on a collection of driftwood culled over the years from hidden surf spots and lake shores.  Titled Specimens, Crotty drew the individual shapes of wood on mylar and then used these as stencils to print images directly on the paper to capture the essence  of a Northern California that is slowly vanishing.

August 2017 found Crotty returning to Aurobora with new works based on his observations of the solar eclipse and the landscape of Idaho’s Wood River Valley.  These works (on paper and wood panel) feature embedded nature drawings that have been collaged alongside plastic material and embalmed in bio-resin that give these compositions an exaggerated retro feel.  In many ways this work reflects the artist’s own artistic evolution–from documenting past adventures in various landscapes, seascape surf spots & driftwood beaches, to astronomical observations of the night skies and adroit commentary that extends beyond astro-time, sci-fi categorization and into a contextualizing of future history.


August 2006
March 2008
August 2017


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