Reed Danziger

Reed Danziger

Reed Danziger’s continual fascination with multilayered patterns and decorative motifs was the impetus for experimenting with the press during her residencies at Aurobora.  In studio, Danziger used silkscreen techniques, traditional monotype printing, and laborious handwork to accumulate successive layers of interlocking designs that form the foundation of her work.

In these hand-worked monotypes, Danziger has allowed her baroque designs to congregate in varied, congested groupings.  Allowing open areas of white space to remain unadulterated, not only emboldens the intricacies of the artist’s pattern work but fuses these elaborate leitmotivs– circles, floral curves, starbursts, and necklaces of ink drops–  into a satisfying, coherent visual statement.




September 2002
August/September 2005
April 2008




Ulrich Museum, Wichita State University, KS; Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation, Los Angeles, CA