Mindy Shapero

Mindy Shapero

Los Angeles-based artist Mindy Shapero creates sculptures from craft-like materials.  Her compositions bubble-up out of her personal fictions and carry with them qualities that are at once surrealistic or cartoonishly goofy and then settle slightly off-kilter in a dark-fairytale-sort-of-way.  Her work purposely struts the fuzzy boarder between kitsch and fine art while eagerly embracing all attributes unabashedly.

Shapero’s works on paper, published at Aurobora, highlight the same hand-spun qualities as her primary medium.  The artist employed a vivid color palette, use of stencil work that abutted against crudely hand-worked lines, and then used the intaglio press to overprint off-balance shapes and bloated abstractions to form grand assemblages.  Through repetition and accretion, each composition takes on its own strange vibrancy and showcases the artist’s unrelenting obsessiveness with the creative process.





March 2006




Hirschorn Museum, Washington, D.C.; Orange County Museum of Contemporary Art, Newport Beach, CA; Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, Orange Park, KS; Tang Museum, New York, NY; Rubell Family Collection, Miami, FL.