Matt Phillips

Matt Phillips

Widely recognized as an innovator and avid supporter of the monotype medium, Matt Phillips has dedicated himself solely to this versatile medium.  During his residencies at Aurobora, Matt Phillips created two distinct series of monotypes based on Egyptian market scenes and images that pertain to the seashore.

The artist’s work is deceptively simple.  Strongly based on representational imagery, Phillips’s loose and impressionistic handling of the inks evoke, rather than depict, the landscapes, interiors and still lifes that he has become known for throughout his artistic career. His images are indeed distillations of the very essence of observation and sensation and are attentive to the human form and its natural rhythms.  The artist achieves this by retrieving the white of the paper and then investing importance to these areas.  With economy of gesture, Phillips evokes both the bustling atmosphere and back alleys of the Egyptian Souk as well as the tranquility and ease of the coastal shoreline– depicting the underlying essence of a particular landscape.





April 1993
January 1994





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