Lisa Williamson

Lisa Williamson


Lisa Williamson arrived at the Aurobora studio with the idea of translating totemic forms associated with her recent sculptural works into vibrant, two-dimensional compositions.  Her new monotypes– printed on 2 and 4-ply matt board –employed the strategic use of mylar stencils that showcase a single, central form that drives the eye forward and back again at a velocity determined by the color relationship and saturation of the backdrop flats each image floats upon.

In one suite of work, circles metastasize, colonize a portion of the composition or migrate towards its edges, creating an internal and unexplained improvisational quality.  In her smaller scale works, Williamson’s hard-edged ovoid shapes float atop rich, lollipop-palette backdrops that collectively fuse both a joyfulness and formal experimentation that rest at the core of these new works.




January 2016




LACMA; Hammer Museum; CCA Kunsthalle Mallorca