Joanne Greenbaum

Joanne Greenbaum

Joanne Greenbaum’s painting process lends itself perfectly to the monotype medium.  She creates work by a continual accretion of odd-ball shapes and architectonic forms that congregate or overlap as if seeking their own nest-like niches within a composition.   Unexpected negative space tweaks her compositions into a quirky orbit that is somehow just right and aesthetically satisfying.

Sometimes Greenbaum’s toxic color choices battle and abrade as she sets down graphic forms, uses fluorescent hues or a singular, unexpected color tone as a surface field on which lozenge-like forms link and gravitate.  At other times, the artist limits her palette to a single color emphasizing bold, graphic components: the punctured disks, the cellular groupings, the boxy lattice work.  These forms anchor each work as the eye fishtails around seeking some sort of visual equilibrium. The outcome is that Greenbaum has succeeded in creating  compositions that harness a spunky vocabulary that both seduces and convinces, that drags a viewer into the complexities of both process and private vision.


March 2005
September 2016


Sattchi Collection, London, UK; Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University; Museum Abteiberg, Monchengladbach, Germany; Haus Konstruktiv Museum, Zurich, Switzerland; Brandeis Rose Art Museum, Brandeis University; CCA Andratix, Majorca, Spain; Ross Art Collection, Michigan