Hans Sieverding

Hans Sieverding

German artist Hans Sieverding arrived at Aurobora where he created monotypes and unique woodcut prints that explore the zone between what is observed and what is comprehended.  By examining the mundane moment, the inconsequential black & white news photo, detritus on a street corner, an old poloroid, Sieverding turns the power of observation into a pathway towards a new relationship between artist, viewer and object.  This allows the artist to infuse importance to the overlooked and lends Sieverding’s works on paper a powerful presence of their own.





January 1997




State Museum, WeselOldenberg;  Landesmuseum Sammlung Bundesministerium Sammlung Kultusministerium; Nordrhein WestfallenStadt TuttlingenRegierungspresidentNordrhein-Westfalen;  Stadt. Museum “van Bommel”, Venlo Regierungspresident, Oldenburg;  Stadt Cloppenburg;  Grand Rapids Art Museum;  Sammlung der Statd Vouvry/SchweizSammlung Bayer Leverkusen; The Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania; Regierungsprasident TubingenLandratsamt ReutlingenGemeinde PliezhausenRegierungsprasident Hannover; San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, CA