Gustavo Ramos Rivera

Gustavo Ramos Rivera

Artist Gustavo Ramos Rivera is an artist well-known for his expressive use of color and playful, abstract compositions.  While his primary medium is painting, Rivera has worked extensively in the monotype medium.  Rivera’s residencies at Aurobora have consistently yielded extraordinary results.  His use of collage, handwork, and drypoint to create his compositions have lead the artist to create various suites of works on paper ranging from the intimate to the monumental.  All of Rivera’s monotypes are color-rich with nuance which comes from the intuitive hand of the artist –the use of chine colle elements, the overprinting of color in specific areas, the knowing when to yield.


October 1993
January 1995
July 1996
June 1997
May 1998
September 1999
October 2000
June 2001
July 2003
August/September 2007


San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; The Mexican Museum, San Francisco, CA; The Oakland Museum, Oakland, CA; San Francisco International Airport; Palace of Fine Arts & Sciences, San Francisco; Museo de Arte Contemporaneo, Bogota, Colombia; Achenbach Foundation, San Francisco; The Print Collection, University of California, Berkeley, CA; University of Arizona, Phoenix; Mill’s College, Oakland, CA; L’Auberge du Soleil, Napa, CA; Vicom/FCB, San Francisco; U.S. Capital Corporation, San Francisco; Bank of America World Headquarters, San Francisco; IBM Corporation; AT&T Corporation, New York, NY; ITEL Corporation, New York, NY; Hewlett-Packard Corporation