Gary Komarin

Gary Komarin

Gary Komarin is a painter whose vocabulary consists of whimsical, emblematic images that are stylistic hybrids of the figural and abstract.  In his monotypes, Komarin continues using recurrent images found in his paintings and allows them to trigger other associations.

In his first residency at Aurobora, Komarin began working with stock fashion magazine images by printing and adding color forms to a collaged central element. These first small monotype collages soon gave way to larger format works that moved Komarin into experimentation with loose gestures.

In subsequent studio visits,  the artist attempted to link abstraction with formal composition while diminishing the narrative component.  Constantly eager to follow the process where it would lead, Komarin shifted back and forth between adding to earlier half-finished prints and working new plates –creating multiple meanings and embracing fortuitous “mistakes” — until each composition seemed to surface effortlessly from his direction.





May 1999
July 2002





Microsoft Corporation; Museum of Fine Arts Houston; ATT Corporation; The Nordstrom Corporation; Continental Airlines; Blount Corporation; Galerie Proarta, Zurich; Prudential Insurance Company of America; Montclair Art Museum; Boston University Art Museum; United Bank of Houston; McDonalds Corporation; Newark Museum