Dana Frankfort

Dana Frankfort

Dana Frankfort’s text paintings are platforms for cognitive meaning and their emotive associations.  Her use of color –that sometimes abrades and at other times dissolves beneath a painting’s surface — amplifies both gesture and message.  In Frankfort’s works on paper published at Aurobora, a single word signifying a state of mind, suddenly becomes a visual touchstone for both artist and audience.  As letters become obfuscated or distorted through overprinting and handwork, the literal “text message” is subtly imbued with suggestive innuendos that form an essential bridge for the viewer.

This is where Dana Frankfort’s work morphs from simple street graffiti scrawl to an arena where her choices — text, palette, size, etc– elevates to the level of experience, an experience where the word itself continues to metastasize beyond meaning, back towards the artwork, and back toward the object named.


June 2008
March 2016


Saatchi Gallery, London, UK; Saint Edwards University, Houston, TX; Rice University, Houston, TX;  Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX; The Jewish Museum, New York, NY