Claire Sherman

Claire Sherman

Claire Sherman’s monotypes are a fluid link between her drawing and painting.  The artist continues to harness the landscape as a vehicle to explore existing dichotomies:  how a landscape that is abundantly verdant when parsed and examined can microscopically dissolve back into itself.  This is a testament to the artist’s deft handling of a subject rendered so authentically that it gradually morphs towards abstraction.

In both her monotypes and more recent collage works composed in the Aurobora studio, Sherman’s horizon-less surfaces claim no vistas.  She digs into the underbrush of things without the litter of romance.  In doing so, she is able to simply suggest intention –by the direction of the sun as it rakes across foliage, a glacial rock cropping, a cross-hatching pattern of marsh grass– in compositions that seem to be ever-shifting.


July 2008
July/August 2012


Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, Kansas; The UBS Art Collection, London; The Margulies Collection, Miami; Blue Cross & Blue Shield Association; Mercer Corporation, Chicago; University Hospitals, Cleveland; Harris Bank, Chicago