Bob Nugent

Bob Nugent

Bob Nugent’s numerous trips to the Brazilian rainforest have richly informed his work as painter and printmaker. The body of monprints published at Aurobora riffs off the flora and fauna of the Amazon River Basin– suggesting plant forms, mollusks, vertebrae, and cocoons which are spread across the surface of his works on paper.

Using zinc and Plexiglas plates interchangeably, the artist layered his imagery to transcribe a memory of objects and impressions accumulated during his journeys along the Amazonian basin and throughout his many sojourns in Brazil.  These monoprints incorporate the sensuous forms of plant life and are laid over abstracted color patterns rendered loosely in a painterly manner.  The resulting images are lyrical and elegant, interwoven by a rich, velvety drypoint line.





January 1994


Oakland Museum of Art; Brooklyn Museum of Art; Indianapolis Museum of Art; Philadelphia Museum of Art; Bank of America; Banco Sudameris, Brazil; J.P. Morgan; Coca Cola Corporation; McDonald’s Corporation; Fairmont Hotels Inc.; Museum of American Samoa; Arizona State University; Triton Museum of Art; Museum of Art, São Paulo, Brazil; Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego; Museum of Modern Art, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Connecticut College, New London, CT; University of California, Santa Barbara; Air France Airlines; Kemper Insurance, Chicago; La Jolla Museum of Art; Kaiser Permanente; Westin Hotel, Indianapolis, IN; Indiana University; San Francisco City Collection